Want a commercial quality phone system for your home office? Just because you work out of your home doesn't mean that you can't have a phone system that rivals if not surpasses a commercial system for the same price or LESS than you are paying now. Best of all...no more having to deal with your local telephone company!

VOIPHow is this possible? It’s simple. We take the internet connection that you already have, set you up with high-tech yet very easy to use phones, and send your phone calls over that same connection.

So what other features do I get? Far too many to list them all here, but to name a few: Call forwarding, call hold, call return, call trace, call waiting, caller-id, do not disturb, redial, speed dial, three way calling, conference calling, UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCE, voice-mail, voice-mail sent to your email, call transfer, priority ringing, simultaneous ringing, intercom.

But does it really work well? Yes! In fact just give us a call and listen for yourself. We don’t just sell the technology, we use it to run our entire business. Come on down to our office and try it out. Or, if you like we’ll even bring the system to you and demonstrate it right in your office.

Why am I waiting? We have no idea. Stop wasting time and let us help you take the step to achieving that competitive advantage.

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