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Microsoft Surface Button Guard and Battery Saver


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Microsoft Surface dead batterySolve the dead-battery issue we all face!

Nearly every person that owns a Microsoft Surface has been a victim to taking our Surface out of our bag/case to turn it on, only to find a very hot Surface and a dead battery. Why does this happen? Because when the keyboard is closed, and something presses the power button, the Surface will come out of sleep mode and then never turn back off again, unless something happens to bump the power button a second time. It will sit there, cooking in your bag while it discharges the battery. This does permanent damage to the battery. Each time it happens, your battery life is reduced, until it doesn’t last long enough to use, and you are forced to have a new battery installed at a great expense (over $200) not to mention, inconvenience. This could also destroy your surface or start a fire, should your battery overheat and explode like these other victims:

Microsoft Surface exploded battery  Microsoft Surface exploded battery  Microsoft Surface exploded battery

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our Surface tablets. But what we can’t stand, is how bad this problem is that Microsoft has never addressed. So, as an innovative company we set out to fix it for every Surface owner. Behold, THE SOLUTION:

Microsoft Surface Battery GuardA mirror-finished acrylic that sticks right to your Surface, laser cut to fit around the power and volume buttons guarding them from accidental presses while stored in your case, while still allowing you to easily press them with your finger.

Since we started using this on our Surface’s, we have not experienced this issue, and we want to pass this solution on to the rest of the world. You will receive TWO Button Guards with every purchase. $2 of each purchase will be donated to the Fraternal Order of Police.


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