Not that long ago, 'the big screen' was the ultimate way to watch a movie. That is all changing now as products come to the market that let us move that 'theater' experience to our own home.

However, we're not talking about just a few new products. We're talking about thousands of new products. How on earth do you know what the right combination is? How do you not waste your money on something you don't need?

Simple. Call WizWare. Let us help you create the home theater that you have envisioned, complete with special acoustics, interior finishes, large film screen, a THX rated high quality theater surround sound system, and even automated shades and curtains. Want something simpler? No problem! Tell us what your budget is and we will maximize your investment.

So before you go to your local discount electronics store full of salespeople trying to sell you something they don't understand and you don't need, give us a call for a personal consultation with a true expert in Home Theater!

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